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"Betsy Diaz is the faithful slave Liu, who sang her opening-act declaration of love and fear for Calaf (“Signore, ascolta!”) with sweetness and stunning power.

Diaz’ vocal megawatts could light the entire hall, and her control is impeccable. Despite the fact the title character is an ice maiden princess who executes every suitor who can’t answer her riddles, you begin to feel for Turandot. How could she possibly match the vocal appeal of Liu?"

"Betsy Diaz... possesses a big, luxuriant soprano voice that can take wing in Puccini’s melodic flights and she knows how to command the stage. In the Cafe Momus scene, her voice easily soared over the ensemble. She imbued Mimi’s Act III narrative with a deep sense of despair and captured the poignant underpinnings of her “Addio” and death scene to striking effect. Diaz is one of Miami’s most promising singers."

Lawrence Budmen

"The absurdly talented Betsy Diaz impeccably sang the female lead Mimi, kicking Opera ass in an intimidating pair of fierce black boots and holding the audience in the palm of her hand from start to finish. Her strong soprano voice navigated the libretto with ease and control, and the sweetness of her character propelled every note."

Erin Dahlgren

"So commanding was Diaz’s performance that the opera could have been retitled Donna Anna. Diaz, a former Florida Grand Opera young artist, has a huge dramatic soprano that roars over the orchestra but can float like a feather, too. ...the prospects of her 27-year-old instrument maturing should have Wagnerians eager with anticipation. She has dramatic chops, too, and harrowingly depicted her character’s angst."

Dave Rosenbaum

"Betsy Díaz como Doña Anna, ... [con] aplausos del público y gritos de “Brava”, por su conmovedora interpretación y su poderosa voz que puede ser también dulce y aterciopelada."


"Betsy Diaz as Donna Anna , ... [with] applause and shouts of " Brava " for her poignant performance and powerful voice that can also be sweet and velvety."

Daniel Fernandez

"Betsy Diaz inherited the toughest assignment with Voigt’s signature Wagner and Strauss repertoire. A student of Miami pedagogue Manny Perez and a recent alum of Florida Grand Opera’s young artist program, Diaz unfurled a large soprano voice with a penetrating high register. She scaled the heights of “Dich, teure Halle” from Wagner’s Tannhauser and conveyed the passion of Sieglinde’s “Du bist der Lenz”  from Die Walküre in lustrous tones, the voice clear and secure. Her version of Strauss’ “Zueignung” was more lyrical than many performances but no less impressive for its intimacy and directness. Diaz is a gifted young singer with great potential."

Lawrence Budmen

"Betsy Diaz exuded Cuban soul and fervent emotion in the title arias from two of Lecuona's zarzuela classics Rosa la China and Maria la O, winning cheers from an enthusiastic audience."




Lawrence Budmen

Fort Lauderdale connex

"...Soprano Betsy Diaz blew the windows out of the store with a thrilling rendition of "The Jewel Song" from Faust..."



David Patrick Columbia

New York Social Diary

"Soprano Betsy Diaz, at just twenty-three, is also destined for great things. Displaying one of the most powerful voices of the evening, her richness in lower registers and thrilling upper end was matched by a believability in Il est doux, il est bon from Massenet's Hérodiade."

Dorothy Hindman

South Florida Classical Review

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